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Hi, Folks,


Welcome to TEAM CATS (#TEAMCATS), and we are so happy that you stopped by to say hello.  We thought it would be nice for us to introduce ourselves to you……


As TEAM LEADER (#CHARLIEthecat) I apologise for the delay. Thanks to all your support and votes, we are now ready to say hello 🙂

We are going to be introducing the cats in the order they came to live with us.  I will introduce myself and Arthur and then Arthur Will introduce Lizzy and so on…… lets get on with it shall we……………

#CHARLIEthecat on the Ball

#CHARLIEthecat just loves to be seen sitting on his favourite Krantz Ball.

As you know, name is Charlie, (#CHARLIEthecat).
I am a ginger colored tom and I was born on the 30th of March 2007.  I first met mummy (#Mummyourguardian) when I was just 7 weeks old. I was very small and a very sick little kitten.  I was itching all over and I was very weak and I didn’t know what was happening to me.  Mummy wrapped me up in a blanket and put me on her lap. She picked off so many horrible tiny things, (I now know were fleas) that were biting me. It took forever since they were crawling all over my eyes, face, and body. Those flea bites were so painful.

The next day mummy took me to the vet, he wasn’t sure if I was gonna make it cause there were so many fleas still on me.  Mummy made sure that I would and she stayed up with me for days, until I was flea free and eating.  That was when I met my soon to be best friend Bella #BELLAthedog.

As you will see from my profile picture, I am now a very large and very strong, and dare I say, a very handsome fella. You see, it is my job as Team Leader, try as I might, to keep the other cats in line. But it is very difficult, as they don’t listen all the time. Especially them young ones, they show no respect.  I occasionally have to bop, I think whack is the word you humans might use, them on the head to remind them who’s boss.

I try to be careful, mummy reminds me sometimes, because the last time I bopped George, I sent him flying off the arm chair…..woops. I didn’t mean to, but I was darn funny.

So now, on to my favourite cat toys.

My favourite fun cat toy, at the moment anyway, has to be our Kratz ball by AniOne. It is a great interactive cat toy and I love it!  Mummy has some videos of me playing with the ball ……………MUMMY: and sleeping on it too! Mummy, you said you weren’t going to mention that!

Anyway, she said she is going to put them up on our YouTube channel very soon and you will also be able to see some of them on the Products Review page too.  I hope you will take a look and I hope you like them too.

#CHARLIEthecat Just Hanging Out

#CHARLIEthecat I love to sit in the sun, but being such a big boy I never quite fit in the bed of the Cat Towers. I have put in a request for a Cat Tower with Big Beds, but nothing has arrived yet 🙁

ARTHUR: Charlie, hurry up will you. It’s my turn, you promised OMG! Come on will you.

Okay, sorry about him, where was I…..ah yes, my least favourite thing, well I hate getting we, paws, whiskers the lot….I will drink from the wrong side of the bowl and walk around puddles.

Thank you for taking the time to read my profile and I hope I will see you soon….and now, without further ado……heeerrrre’s Arthur! or FARTY ARTY as I call him, he can clear the whole room if he lets one rip.

ARTHUR: NO I DON’T……….heck,
CHARLIE: oh yes you do!!!!
ARTHUR: okay okay


#ARTHURthecat serious cat

I am #ARTHURthecat and when some of the other cats are being naughty cats i seriously have to deal with them.

Finally, right… turn…I am Arthur (#ARTHURthecat). I am a silver stripped tabby cat and I was born on the 21st of February 2009. I have…..sorry, had….(clears throat)…a twin brother Eddie, but he died just last year, and I still really really miss him…….a lot!  I will tell you all about him another time, it’s a bit tough to talk about him now, I do hope you understand.

We…sorry, I came to live with Mummy when I was just 7 weeks old, and it was a lot of fun, but I missed the rest of my family terribly for the first few months, there were 7 of us kittens in total.  Once we got used to being with our new mummy it was fine and then one day……wow….we met the rest of the family. There was Henry and Floyd (mummy will tell you about those two sometime, I am sure), and of course Charlie and Bella.

It was really scary meeting Bella, we had never seen a dog before, but she was great.  She let us snuggle right in and she stopped the other cats from getting too rough, we were only small back then you see.

Over the years I have injured myself a lot when i used to go walkabout………saw a lot of posters with my picture on them but i couldn’t read what they said……….

CHARLIE:  They said get your furry butt back home!!
ARTHUR: Well i didn’t know that at the time…..DID I ! Anyway, Mummy had enough of it and we are all house cats now.  It’s a very long story, so I will save it for later.

We do get to go out in the fresh air though because mummy built us a huge cat garden with our own little house.  We, us cats that is, have asked her to put some pictures up so that you can see it and she said she will.


#ARTHURthecat Oh my…..I just love it when it is TUMMY TIME with Mummy (#Mummyourguardian)

Now, what’s next to tell you, hummmmm? Oh yes, my favourite fun cat toys. Well out of them all I would say that I love our spinney, spinney toy and also toys that I can chase (we have a lot and I can’t remember what they are all called. Mummy, help me out will you…….of course my dear, it is called the MSUN Panic Mouse Undercover Mouse Electronic Cat Toy, thanks mummy.

I love to have my tummy rubbed a lot, but after a few minutes of tummy time everyone shouts, OMG! Farty Arty, not again! And then tummy time is over. I really don’t see what the problem is, hee..hee…hee… Anyway that is enough about me for now, and I thank you for taking the time to get to know me a bit better. 

So now it is up to me to introduce to you, my little sister Lizzy, she is a fickle one, that one. Hey Lizzy, you’re up!!

LIZZY: Awwww (yawn, and stretch) Ooohhhh, okay.

#LIZZYthecat in the Round Cat Tower

Hi I am #LIZZYthecat, Elizabeth is my full name, I like my own space sometimes after eating. I love Fun Cat Toys, I love my Cat Towers

Hello everyone, my name is Lizzy (#LIZZYthecat).  My full name is Elizabeth.  I came to live with mummy July 8th 2011.  I am similar to Arthur in breed and people still call me a tabby cat except I am smaller and have a bit more ginger color on me than he has, I am extremely elegant with very dainty paws (but deadly to mice, mummy has a video of me catching a mouse somewhere).  I am told i am a bit of a tomcat and i am the best at dribbling a ball.

I don’t know exactly how old I am because I was found, after I was dumped on the streets, by a lovely lady who had a dress shop. She took me, in a big box, to a man that had a cat hospital.

ARTHUR: It was a vet.
LIZZY: Yes Arthur, now I know it was a vet, will you let me just tell my story, please! Anyway, yes I was taken to a VET, happy now Arthur, anyway……

I was really, really scared. He prodded and pocked me, I think he said I was about 9 weeks old then.  I got scared and I scratched him and he put me in a big metal room with some food and a blanket. People tried to pick me up and cuddle me but I wouldn’t let them.  A few days passed and that is when I first saw mummy!

#LIZZYthecat in her Tunnel Bed

Oh, I just love taking time to relax in my new Rosewood Luxury Cat Tunnel / Bed. It is so peaceful

She was saying something to me, through the bars of my room, so I moved a bit closer to try and understand her.  I jumped back when she opened the door and hid, but she said “it’s okay, I have got you now…..come on little one.” She reached out her hands and I just walked right in. It was so lovely and warm and she held me up to her neck, I don’t know why but I fell fast asleep.

When I woke up I was in a really big room, and I was scared all over again, and that is when I met the rest of the family. Bella was lovely and she let me snuggle up to her belly a lot. I love her so much! and i knew then that I had landed on my paws….. There isn’t much more to my background because like Arthur, I came here very young and mummy has kept me safe and loved since then.

My favourite fun cat toy….oh there are so many to choose from, but the one that makes mummy laugh the most is my little orange ball Karlie – Cryst ‘A’ balls with bells. I don’t know why but whenever I hear it jingle I just have to come running. Then me and mummy play a game she calls chase, basically she throws the ball up the stairs and I chase it up and down and up and down. I don’t know why, but I just have to chase it. If you ask, I am sure mummy will video it for you.

My favourite place to sleep……simple….in my tunnel bed Rosewood Luxury Cat Tunnel/Bed.

I dont like being picked up much, unless its when mum holds me in her arms upside down and rubs my head……ohhhhhh….yes..I LOVE THAT!

I can’t really think of anything else to say, at the moment, but if I think of anything I will be sure to share it with you.  Thank you for reading all about me and I hope to see you here again soon….

Oh I forget……who is next, hummmm oh yes……that would be Richard. Hey! Lazy bones, get up here will you.

RICHARD: Ooooohhh….sorry, I must have dozed off. She does go on you know. Well what can I tell you about me?

#RICHARDthecat, up close and personal

I am #RICHARDthecat and as i am a really black cat it is sometimes hard to see my lovely cat features so i thought i would let you see this picture of me

My name is Richard (#RICHARDthecat). I am a Jet Black, very handsome cat, well I am, so why not say so?  I don’t know when I was born since me, my brothers and sisters ended up in a rescue centre. They all left, one by one and i was left alone.  Every time they put me in with other cats, they all left me too.

Then one day mummy appeared and she came to sit with us. This time I thought, right here is my chance.  I jumped on her back and I crawled up to her neck and I just sat there, but eventually she got up and left me too.  I knew all the other cats in my room were leaving soon and that I would be alone and unwanted again.

The next day though, she came back! I just ran up her leg and on to her lap. When she got up to leave I cried out and she turned and said “soon little man, soon”. A few hours later one of the humans that fed me walked in with a cage and I was terrified.  She put me in the cage and carried me outside and I thought I was done for, but then…., I heard her voice again. She peaked in my cage and said “now little man, now you are coming home with me”. Oh my, I was so happy and that was in March 2012.

When she got me home I didn’t know what to do.  She cuddled me and loved me and my first night was great.  The next day, well that was something quite different.

I was really sick and my tummy hurt really bad.  Mummy put me back in the cage and took me to see a vet.  He said I had a really bad upset tummy and I was really hot and the only thing he could do was give me tablets and injections and see how I was over the next few days.  I got worse.  Mummy held me and said you are okay little man, I have you, you can do it you’re a little fighter. So I slept and she gave me stuff in a tube and gradually I did get better.

After a few days, I got stronger and that is when I first met Lizzy.  She played with me and kept me company in my room till I was strong enough to meet the rest of the family.

#RICHARDthecat, actually sitting up

#RICHARDthecat, I thought you would like to see how big and strong and handsome I have become.

What’s my favourite toy, hummmm, hard choice. Well I love my food and mum has a big tower and she puts food in it and then we have to help ourselves.  It is a lot of fun getting it out.  I love our Catit interactive cat toys the most especially when all of us cats that live together play together, that is when I have the most fun.

I really love to sleep, but I don’t like sleeping alone so, you will always find me with one of the dogs or on the bed with mummy, George and Mini.

I don’t think there is much more to say really except I hope you come and visit us again.

MUMMY: Richard, you forgot the phone story, tell them the phone story.

RICHARD: Oh……okay then.  Well one day mummy was in our room cleaning and feeding us and then she screamed and collapsed on the floor.  She had hurt her back and couldn’t move and we were all alone.  I saw her reaching for her phone, it was in a black case.  I picked up the end of the case in my mouth and dragged it over to her and then she called for help.  Mummy said I was a really clever boy to have done that for her.

Okay now, let’s get on with it…….. It is my job now to introduce to you, Vicky.

Hey gorgeous, your turn! Vicky!! Come on, it’s your turn.
VICKY: Oh sorry, here I am.

My name is Victoria but all my family call me Vicky (#VICKYthecat).
  I don’t know how old I am but I think I was probably about a year or so when I moved in, around the end of June 2012.  I don’t know what breed I am but I have been told I am in the Long Hair Bi-colour cat family and I am mainly white in colour.
My story is a long one but I will try to keep it short for you.  Basically, I used to have a home, I don’t know exactly where it was but it was warm.  I fell pregnant and I gave birth to two babies, I was so proud. Then one day, without warning I was left on the side of the road with my babies.  I really didn’t know what I was to do. Anyway…..I only turned my back for a minute, that’s all it takes you know, and I couldn’t find my youngest.
#VICKYthecat Trying to have a cat nap

I am #VICKYthecat and i am trying to get some sleep, it is not my shift yet but they are making so much noise with the new fun cat toys that i can sleep. QUIET PLEASE

I looked around, I heard a bang and a scream.  I followed the noise and OMG, there was my little one in the middle of the road. I tried to wake him up but he wouldn’t move. I cried and licked him and cried some more, but nothing.  I stayed with him cause I didn’t know what else to do.

Then out of the blue this big silver car stopped and a lady got out.  She tried to get me to leave my baby, she tried to pick me up but I just cried out. Awhile later, another car appeared and this time it was a man.  He said I had to leave him and that he would take care of my little boy.  I looked up at them and I don’t know why but I trusted them, so I moved aside.  Anyway, they picked me up and they put me in their car, I was screaming so loud. “My girl, I want my baby girl, put me back, put me back!” But they didn’t understand.  I cried and cried and scratched but they wouldn’t stop.

Eventually they stopped outside a house and they took me to the door and that is when I first met my new mummy.  Now once inside this new house, I kept trying to tell her, “I want my baby”, but she didn’t seem to understand.  I kept crying and screaming all night long. I eventually fell asleep. When I awoke, mummy was standing over me with yet another box.

I jumped in and prayed we were going back to my baby, she was all alone in the dark with no food or drink, and would she even still be alive? My heart was racing, alas……in the car I heard them mention we were going to the vet to see if I had something called a chip, in my neck. Anyway, further on down the road we stopped by a house and the humans started talking to a man.  Mummy lifted my box to show me to him, he looked quite friendly to me, and he told her “I have recently seen this cat. She was dumped here a few days ago. I tried to help her but she wouldn’t let me, she was busy with her babies”.

”Her babies!” mummy yelled, and she told him my story so far.  He replied with “but she had two kittens, what happened to the other one?” OMG!… she yelled, “we have to go back to where you found her, sorry but we have to run” she told the man.  Luckily it wasn’t too far.  Everyone jumped out of the car and I could hear my girl crying for me.

#VICKYthecat and the BOX

#VICKYthecat, Humans often ask “Why do cats like boxes?” I really don’t know why, we just do, even when we don’t quite fit……I know…i know…..

Then mummy started meowing, I never heard a human do that so well before.  All of a sudden I heard mummy yelling, “I have it, I have it, OMG look here!”.  She was in the cattle trough feeder thingy. My heart nearly stopped as the door to my box opened and my little girl was put in beside me. She was shaking and cold, and oh my, was she hungry, but I didn’t care, she was back!

On the way to the vet, I heard the humans saying how lucky we were to have found her and I heard mummy say “I suppose two more can’t hurt, can it?” They then started laughing very loud.

After the vet, we went back to mummy’s house and we were given our own bedroom.  I could hear the other animals but I didn’t get to see them for a while. The vet said we were not really well enough to mix with the rest as my little girl was a bit sick. She needed peace and quiet with lots of food and attention.  So that was our life for the first few weeks.  Mummy was in and out of our room a lot.

One day, this big dog came in with her and she went over to my baby, well I soon put pay to that!  I jumped up, ran over and I bopped her straight round the chops. I said, ”Get off my baby you brute” and the dog cried running out of the room.  Later, mum told me it was Bella and she just wanted to say hello.  To this day Bella still flinches when I get close. (hahaha) I shouldn’t laugh really but I can’t help myself.

I love to take care of others and help them find there feet, so to speak, and when George and Trouble joined the family i couldn’t help myself, i just had to look after them too.

My favourite toy, hum, well it is so crazy here and full of toys that I really don’t have a favourite.  I love them all.  CHARLIE: you really need to pick one……..Oh I suppose if you push me on it, I would have to say I love the toys I can grip with my feet and kick, and bite with my lovely sharp teeth.  Hummmmm, lovely……., see what you have done Charlie?  Now I want to go and find one…… But first……

ANNIE: Mum, tell ‘em about the vet, please please tell ‘em, go on, I love that story.

VICKY: Not now Annie, maybe another time.
ANNIE: Oh but mum.

Oh my……….sorry about that……so that is the story of how my daughter and I came to live with our new mummy.  I hope you will come by again soon.

Now, I will introduce you to my adorable little girl.

Sweetie!! Come on off the cat tower please.  It’s your turn, that’s a good girl. Okay, here she is.

Hi, I am Annie (#ANNIEthecat). Some of the others in the house, especially Mummy, call me Psycho too.  Mummy says I must have been born around April 2012.  I am, like my mum, in the Long Hair Bi-colour Cat family. I am mostly black with white feet, chest and a bit on my face too.  You already know how we came to live here so I thought I would just tell you a quick bit about me.

#ANNIEthecat asleep on laptop

I am #Anniethecat and I am waiting for mum to get off the phone so i thought i would have a cat nap on the laptop. my department is cats and computers

So, when I first got to meet all the other family members it was really scary and it took me a while to find my feet.  Once I did, I found that I really liked having other cats to play with and that dogs can actually be quite fun, especially Bella.  Bono is okay but for some reason every time I came running into the room he would bark at me and tell me to slow down and stop annoying him. He still does it sometimes, but with age he seems to have mellowed a bit. 

The other cats were really friendly, especially Charlie. He helped me learn how to hunt and play with the bigger cats in the house without getting hurt too much.  
It wasn’t long before I was allowed to go outside and I became a very good hunter. I used to bring lots of presents home to mummy, although I don’t think she was too impressed as she used to say, ”oh, Annie, not again”. She was laughing a bit when she said it though.

As I grew a bit bigger I was able to climb and jump much higher.  Some places I liked to sleep were on top of the fridge, microwaves and kitchen cupboards. We are not allowed in the kitchen much anymore, I think that is really because of GEORGE though, as he keeps eating mummys plants and knocking things over, he even brakes stuff too…….

GEORGE: It’s not my fault…..I cant help it …..i just have to have that spider looking thing….it tastes so good………

ANNIE:  George, go away, i was talking about you, not too you!Where was I, oh yes…….My favourite places to sleep, well we have lots of cat towers here so sometimes you will find me sunning myself on those.  But i really like the top of the flat screen tv, although I do fall off it quite a lot, the living room door and  best of all, under the duvet with mummy.I can get into a bit of trouble trying to get under there though because mummy is often busy on the laptop when I need a snuggle so I have to use my paws, and yes, my nails too, to pull her arm out of the way so I can get to the duvet. If she ignores me, then I go for the the shoulder. She will usually, at this point, get the message and lift up the duvet so I can get in with her.

So you may be thinking, cute cat sounds lovely, why do they call her psycho?  Well I think I did really, sort of deserve it, see it all started when I learnt how to jump high and run really fast.  I get so carried away that I forgot to look where I am going and I run into lots of things and knock things off of selves, fireplace mantels, anywhere really, nothing is too safe.

There was one time that I actually made mummy cry.  She had a beautiful dragon statue, that daddy bought her, that was on top of the fireplace, my mum was already up there and I wanted to join her. So I jumped onto the thing they put in front of fires to stop us from climbing the chimney and I made a jump for the mantel. I actually made it, but then, disaster……..

My fluffy paws started to slip, I tried to grab on to the mantel and then bang, I fell and I took the dragon with me. I really didn’t mean to break it, I just freaked out, I was so scared.  I ran away to hide, but mummy came and got me and held me. She said “I do love you but you are a complete psycho, now come on little one, stop shaking, it’s alright” and she hugged me for ages.  Since then my name gets called out a lot in the house, I am so popular. “Annie, get down, Annie not that, Annie you are crazy, Annie you psycho!”.

Oh yes and i was great at opening the microwave (until mummy changed it), I once got everyone together and we stole a whole chicken from it….we carefully got it out of the bag and dragged it to the floor…..ooohhhh…that was a fun night…..we ate the lot…..left only the bones………

MUMMY: Yes i remember that well, you little psycho……..that was going to be my Sunday dinner….you little monsters…..
ANNIE:  We said we were sorry mummy…..
MUMMY:  Yeah…I know and you have been fairly good since….
ANNIE:  Sorry about that….didn’t see mummy there……anyway……

#ANNIEthecat and the FLAT SCREEN TV

#ANNIEthecat, I dont know why, but i just love being on TV and chlling out with a good movie after a hard day testing Fun Cat Toys for all of you xox

The thing I hate most?……easy………being picked up. Mummy is still learning and she is getting better, if you want to pick me up to move me just do it quickly. None of the cuddle and carry stuff, just move me and put me down. I think you can blame my mum (Vicky) for that, as she was very protective of me when I was younger.  Don’t get me wrong, I love snuggles, especially with mummy but I will come to you, once I know you are not going to hurt me.  I love being rubbed from my head all the way down my back and up my tail, but DON’T touch my ears. If you get too close I will give you a warning growl, if you ignore me, on your head be-it.

Now the vet, hummmm, I’m not too bad when we go there, my mum is way, way worse than me (i hope she will tell you the story one day).

Okay….well……Recently, I had a really sore mouth and I kept sicking up horrible brown stuff. When I tried to get close to mummy she said that my breath was really, really, bad and she moved me to one side.  A few days later it was off to the vet we went.

The vet we saw was really nice and I have met him before so I tried really hard to be good.  But when he opened my mouth I couldn’t help it, I screamed really loud and it made him jump. I think my claws may have caught him, sorry about that.  Anyway he said that I would need to be sedated and possibly have some teeth out.  I actually had 4 out. The reason my mouth was so bad was that some of the teeth were lose, don’t know how that happened! They were moving every time I tried to eat anything.  I am much better now though and i think mummy still has my teeth….not sure why….you humans can be very fickle.

My favourite toy, hummmmm, let me think. Well there are a few. I love the Kratz Ball, the spinney spinney thingy (MSUN Panic Mouse Undercover Mouse Electronic Cat Toy), Mr tinkles (Teaser Wand with elastic chord and belland our new ball bath or I think it might be a ball pool (Chad Valley Pink Sand and Water Pit) , any way it is filled with 100s of Multi Coloured Play Balls and the Catit Maze Cat Food Dispenser.  I think mummy has some videos of it that will be on YouTube shortly.  I also love boxes. 

Now I know I have gone on a bit, but I am a very complicated cat and there is a lot more I could say but I will save that for another day.

It only leaves me to say thank you for taking time to learn about me and I hope you will visit me again soon.  I will now hand the show over to Mimi.

Hey Mimi, come on, wakey wakey. Hey mum, will you give her box a nudge. She must be asleep again.
MIMI: uh….ah….humm….heeelllllooo…….aahhhh….who called me? What’s up, is it dinner time again?
ANNIE: Is that all you think about Mimi? Seriously, come on, it’s your turn to tell your story.
MIMI: Oh, oh, so sorry, I forgot that was today.  Give me a minute will you? Annie say something and I will be over in a minute, please love.

ANNIE: Oh, hummmm……okay, right. Well, I will start for her.

#MIMIthecat dinner time

I am #MIMIthecat, I might be old and a bit of a slow cat but when it comes to dinner time i have to move quick or the young cats will eat my favourite cat food.

Mimi (#MIMIthecat) is in her 23rd year, we are not sure of her exact birthday though.  She is a very small, fluffy black cat (or she was….lol….not so good at the whole grooming thing anymore, bless her).  She went to live with Granny, mummy’s mummy, when she was about 18 months old and that was in 1995.

Now she is not so complicated.  She has been living with mummy for a lot of her life, on and off.  But granny has not always been able to take care of her and recently she developed an allergy, so Mimi said she would be happy to stay with us.  She once lived in Dublin with our mummy’s sister but they got a dog and she said it stressed her out.

MIMI: It wasn’t just the dog Annie. Thanks for that intro love, I will take it from here.

Now yes, Annie is right, the dog was a factor.  I am no spring chicken.  I can’t run as fast as I used to, unless food is involved (hehee).  I had trouble jumping to get out of the dog’s way. Scruffy, that’s his name, is lovely, but he is a very energetic and young dog.  So I decided it was time to settle down with my new mummy around the 13th of October 2012.

Okay, so I will continue with my story.  When I was young I had a very sore mouth and the vet had to take all of my teeth out.

ANNIE: Yeah, hey gummy bear. Lol
MIMI: ANNIE!! Not nice.
ANNIE: Sorry, but mummy calls you that too.
MIMI: True, but she isn’t laughing when she says it, now behave or I will bop you.
ANNIE: Sorry,

Okay, yes, mummy sometimes does call me her gummy bear. (whispers) I don’t mind it really, but don’t tell the others. It has never stopped me from eating or killing mice as my gums are really strong and my bite can still hurt you a bit.

#MIMIthecat and the LAMP

#MIMIthecat, I feel a bit silly sitting here now as i thought mummy (#Mummyourguardian) said go and sit by the the sun lamp. No love, I said go and sit in the sun by the lamp. Great now i am a cat that is losing her hearing. Its a good job I am a funny cat 🙂

Recently I have had a lot of trips to the vets because my vision is not so great and I have a bit of a limp but that’s growing old I suppose.  I don’t mind the vet but the last time we went I had to put him in his place.  He was prodding at my bottom and then, he grabbed my paw.  I wasn’t expecting it so I’m afraid he got the full force of my claw and my gums.  Mummy was really shocked but the vet didn’t seem to mind.  He said if I can still put him in his place at my age it was fine by him.  I do feel bad about it, but I warned him with a few growls and a bit of hissing.  I just don’t think he heard me.

I still have to keep the other cats in line and occasionally the dogs too.  Charlie cannot be everywhere, although he does try, bless him.  Bono can be so clumsy, as he never looks where he is going and bumps into me sometimes.  He also steals my food when I am not looking although he gets told off by mummy for that!

I like to play with soft toys or toys that I can catch with my nails, like Mr Tinkles (Teaser Wand with elastic chord and bell).  I sometimes climb the cat tower too, but only the lower levels, as the others can come out of no-where and really fast too, so I am safer near the bottom.

My favourite sleeping place is under mummy’s bed, when it is hot.  But mostly you can find me in the round bed at the bottom of my lovely brown tower, that was a present from our daddy last Christmas.  Now daddy, our adopted daddy and best friend to all of us, doesn’t live here but he sends us lots of stuff and visits a lot too.  We all love you daddy. (oxox)

I used to do a lot of playing and testing of fun cat toys, but as I said, I don’t feel up to it all the time and I sometimes fall asleep while testing stuff.  The other cats think that I should retire, but I like it and I really do try my best.  I am sure I will be in some of the video reviews and funny cat videos too and I hope you will enjoy them.

I can’t really think of anything else to say at the moment, memory is not as it once was don’t you know.  If I think of anything else, I will get one of the others to write it down for me.  So I thank you for your time and now I will get you George………Oh lord, I hope you are comfortable.  He loves and loves to talk and talk.  Alright, one sec.

GEORGE!! It’s your turn.

GEORGE: Yes, yes, yes. I am here, right behind you. Now let me get in here, excuseeeee me!

Well hello everyone! I am GEORGE (#GEORGEthecat). I was born on the 5th of December 2013.  I moved in with Mummy on the 1st of February 2014, I was nearly 8 weeks old.  Mummy says that I am an extremely handsome white and black Long haired by-colour cat.

#GEORGEthecat and the pencil

I am #GEORGEthecat, I love pencils, i want the pencil, i will get the pencil, us cats love pencils, do you think mum will notice

I love everything. I love to give cuddles, clean everyone, kiss everyone and generally have a great time.

When I came to live here, the first one i meet was my best friend, BONO.  He was really lovely and he protected me a lot of the time.  I still love to snuggle up with him and give him a good washing.  He can be a mucky boy at times and his grooming habits are terrible.  I love Bella too but we boys have got to stick together, plus he looks like me.

ARTHUR:  Seriously, he’s a Dog!
GEORGE: Oh yes he does. Look Arthur, same colours and everything. LOL Yes I know he is a dog, I just said that didn’t I. OMG Do you think I am stupid?
ARTHUR: You said it George, you said it. heeheehee
GEORGE: Go away Arty Farty.

Sorry about that, now oh yes, back to me.  I also have to thank Vicky as she helped look after me when i was small, I try to play with her sometimes but she just bops me (i think it’s because i am bigger than her now).

I have always been a house cat, but I do love it when the others talk of their adventures before we were all grounded. I think mummy or Arthur will tell you about why we are house cats later.

My favourite sleeping place always starts on the bed with mummy and my pink bunny bear.  I like to suckle on it till I dose off, then when I wake I love to go to the end of the bed with Richard, Mini, and sometimes Bono and Trouble too.  I don’t like to sleep on my own, never have.  Sometimes though, I take a nap on the cat tower in the living room window, that is fun, or you might see me on the paw print cat tower in front of our bedroom window.  It think mummy is going to show you around our rooms soon as she keeps coming in and tidying up a lot lately.

My favourite toy, hum well, that’s a bit tricky. See I, hum, I really like the toys that give us food, I think Richard mentioned it earlier, Catit Maze Cat Food Dispenser. I really love the interactive cat toys because we cats can all play together, which is really cool and lots of fun.  Mummy also loves seeing us cats all playing together, it really makes her laugh.

Okay, things I hate, well now, that is not too difficult. I clearly hate cat beds that I can’t fit in and trips to the vet. The vet, now, that’s another story altogether. I have asked mummy to do an article dedicated to our trips to the vet, as it would take way, way too long to tell you about that now.

#GEORGEthecat and the BUNNY NAP

#GEORGEthecat, I know i should not be one of those cats that need a teddy to sleep, but I am. I cannot have a good cat nap without it.

Excuse me one moment I have Trouble biting at my heels to get up next.
GEORGE: Get off will you, I am nearly done.
TROUBLE: My turn, my turn, come on George.
GEORGE: Go away will you Trouble! PLEASE!

Oh dear, she has thrown off my train of thought……..
Ah ha, yes, I also hate being picked up.  I don’t know why but it makes me all nervous and I start to hyperventilate.

Stop laughing Trouble, it’s not funny!
TROUBLE: ’tis too, so funny……

I’m ignoring you! 
Well, I don’t know why it happens because I am not in any pain, well nothing that makes me cry anyway.  I use to love being held when I was a younger.  I know mummy is looking into it for me and she said she will let me know as soon as she finds something.  I have told her to ask that really cool cat daddy, Jackson Galaxy, from My Cat from Hell, we all love him so much, and she said she would.

Now I can’t really think of anything else to tell you at the moment.

TROUBLE: Yay everyone!  George has nothing to say. hee hee hee

I hope you like me and I hope you come back to see me again very soon, okay?  Very soon :-).
Trouble, just get up here will you!

Trouble: Boo……I’m here, move over.

Right, Helloooooo, all you wonderful people.  I am the princess of the house.

GEORGE: Huh, yeah right.

TROUBLE: Oh George, do be quiet, you have had your say. Now go and play, away from me. It’s my turn now and you are not funny!

Sorry friends, now, I am called Trouble (#TROUBLEthecat), my real name is Mary.  I was born around the 4th of May 2014 and George is my big brother, although he is not acting like it right now!  We have the same mum and dad and they used to live beside us.  Shortly after I came to live here, which was the 6th of July 2014, dad died in a road traffic accident and we never mum again either, but we did hear that she went on to have more babies.

#TROUBLEthecat close up

I am #TROUBLEthecat, i thought i would show you my cute cat close up, i am very good at different cat poses, they asked for a serious cat picture. Hope you like it

Now I am a very beautiful and pretty long haired bi-colour too. I am apparently, very much like my big sister Annie. Sometimes mummy and daddy, when he is here, get us confused.  The only way to be sure who is who sometimes, is that I have a beautiful birthmark on my nose.

GEORGE: I have one too you know.

TROUBLE: Yes, yes George but it is not pretty like mine, now GO AWAY! I wish he would stop doing that. If you look carefully, you can see that mine is in the shape of a goblet, cute or what?

Now, mummy says she calls me trouble because, like Annie, I do not look where I am going.  She says I am a very excitable cat and I always go running into things and I never use my brakes properly, it’s hard when you have really beautiful furry feet like mine.  So there you have it,  I am always getting into trouble.

Now, as with George and a few of the other cats here, I have had a few illnesses and mummy has been brilliant with us all. She said she is going to cover that at a later date. But the reason I mention it is that I have a special way of letting mummy know when I am not feeling my best, and sometimes just when the others are getting to rough with me, but mum knows the difference now.  I simply go up to her and nudge her and snuggle down under her duvet, right by her arm, or I will pull at her clothes and she will lift the duvet for me.  Or, if she is asleep and I need her, I will sit on her shoulder and massage her with my feet, and for some reason that tends to wake her up and then she lets me snuggle.

If I am feeling better in the morning, I will just get up and do my normal things. But she knows that if I am still there in the morning, then it might be time to have a chat with the vet.

My favourite toys, well that is not hard for me. It’s Mr Tinkles, I don’t know It’s right name but mummy will find it for me later.

MUMMY: its called the Blueberry Pet Interactive Toys for Cat Red Lady Bug Dangle Cat Teaser Wand, Kitten Toy Catnip Toys) sweetie.

Thanks mum!  I don’t know why but I just can’t resist it. There is no cat nip in it, but when mummy gets it out and the bell rattles, I just have to come running. Sometimes I swear mummy does it for fun, because I hear it and I come running, but when I get there she doesn’t have it.

#TROUBLEthecat needing A CUDDLE

#TROUBLEthecat. I was getting picked on by the other cats. Nothing major but i needed a quiet place so came and sat with mummy #MUMMYourguardian

I would say my second favourite is the Catit Race track thingy (Catit Senses Super Circuit).  Oh, I love that one.  It is an interactive cat toy but I sometimes just like to lie down  beside it and send the ball round and round, it’s really good fun.  There are a lot of other toys that I like too, and I am sure you will see me playing with them in the videos that mummy is going to put on our YouTube Channel.

My favourite sleeping place, well I actually have so many…….on the cat tower., in the sun, with mummy when I am poorly, but in first place is my cylindrical bed that hangs over the side of mummy’s bed.

Now the last thing is, what do I hate. Well there is nothing really, except I hate a lot of the food mummy gives me.  I am very fussy and I get bored with the same old food so I have asked mummy to change it up a bit.  I like it when she gives me the odd bit of chicken, not plain though.  Indian or Chinese is my favourite and I love pasta too.  She only gives me tiny bits, as I don’t like chunks, and I only have it every now and again as a treat.

There you have it, that’s a bit about me, Princess Trouble!  I hope you will come back soon so that I can tell you more.

The only thing that is left for me to do is to give this over to Mini.  You may want to grab a hankie or two, whenever I hear this story I can’t help but get a bit teary.

Ohhh Mini. Where are you Mini? Come on, we are nearly done, just you to go. MINI, MINI. Ah ha, there you are, right, over to you.

Hi. Yes, I am Mini (#MINIthecat). I have no idea how old I am, the vets reckon that I am about 7 years old.  I am a short haired black and white female cat.

I used to have a lovely home and I was much loved.  My owner, left to go on a holiday and while she was gone one day I got in to a lot of trouble. That trouble changed my life forever, excuse me (clears throat), it is still hard to talk about.

#MINIthecat Trying to sleep

I am #MINIthecat, It is late, where is my cat blanket, i am to comfortable to move, can you bring it to me, i want to go to sleep now

As I said it started when my owner went away, I don’t know where she went.  But everything was okay for a while. Then one day I was on my way home and I was attacked by a pack of feral cats, you may know them as wild cats too.  They all came in at once.  They bit and scratched me, they bit my tail and ripped it in their teeth.  One of them ripped at my paws as I was trying to defend myself.  It was hell.  I don’t know what happened next but I was alone and they were gone.  I think I may have blacked out for a while.

I was hurting all over and I couldn’t get help from anyone, I limped away and hid.  I don’t know how long I was there for, or even exactly where I was, I just knew I had to get away from where it happened.  I was getting cold and I was hungry and I just wanted to go home.

At some point I heard a car and I dragged myself in its direction, hoping I was heading in the right way. I really wasn’t sure. I saw a familiar face and she was walking toward what looked like my house.  But it was not my mum.  She opened the door and I flew in the house, but I must have caught myself on something because she was screaming. I stopped and turned and OMG, it was the black cats that did this to me! Blood was dripping from me, the woman was screaming, the black cats were after me so I had to run. It was pure hell and the pain, oh my it was horrendous. When I stopped running and turned around, the woman had gone and the door was locked. What was I going to do?

I hid hoping she might come back. I was out of sight of the others for now, but I was so tired I just wanted to sleep.  I knew I had to stay awake. After what seemed like forever, I heard a car door and voices. Hey kitty, hey kitty, where are you little one. A man and a women came round the corner. The man went over to the back door, so much blood, and as he approached the black cats came back, I was shaking. But to my surprise he didn’t scream, he just shooed them away.

The women kept calling and I eventually crept forward, what did I have to lose. I knew I needed help so I started to approach her, she held out a coat and as she draped it over me I backed into it. Before I knew what had happened, I was in her arms and in a lovely warm car and a big box that had a door on it so nothing could get at me.  I finally felt safe.

I don’t know why but I just fell asleep.  When I awoke again I was in a big white room and it was so warm. I was still in the box but now there was no lid and not door. I lifted my head I smelled food and I saw water, omg I was so hungry. As I moved I screamed really loud, the door banged and I didn’t know what to do. I heard that voice again,”it’s okay little one, I am on my way, I’m here, your safe, it’s okay”. She entered the room and she just looked at me. ”Oh my” she said, “let me get a look at you now that you are up” and she called for the man.

I heard them talking but I didn’t know what was going on.  She came back in and told me that I was in a bit of a mess but that she was going to get me taken care of, if I would trust her and let her put me back in the box.  I did trust her.  I am not too sure exactly what happened after that, I just know that I was very sleepy for a very long time, and my tail and body hurt really badly.

It must have been a few days later, when I woke up.  I found that I was back in the big white room with the same smell of food, but I really couldn’t manage it. I tried to get up and as I moved, I felt something horribly itching and wiggling by my bum.  I wanted it to stop so badly.  I don’t know why, but I bit into it to try to make it stop.  I think I was still sleepy, because the next thing I remember was the lady, and she was crying a lot and she said to me “oh no, little one, what have you done to yourself?”

 I didn’t know what she meant until I stopped to take a look, there was blood and skin and bits of stuff all over the place.  So back in the box I went.  Now I know for sure that It was at least another 3 days before I was back in the white room again.  This time I had a collar on and a funny funnel thingy on my neck.  My foot hurt really bad, as I looked down, it had some string in it.  I cried out and the lady came into the room.   She said to me “Well hello honey, how are you doing, welcome back sleepy head.  You gave us quite the scare you know.  Now, you have all this on you to try and stop you from hurting yourself again.  That horrible feeling you had in your bum, well, it was maggots and they were in your paw too.  It wasn’t nice and you had to have a few operations to sort it all out.  The good news is it’s all done. The bad news is we had to remove your tail.  You will be fine honey, we have you.”

I didn’t really understand, as I was still sore and so tired that I fell back to sleep.  A few days later, she removed my collar and oh my, now I knew what they meant.  It was gone, my lovely tail, gone!  After that, whenever she gave me a cuddle she would always say “how is my little no-tails today”.  That is how I got my nick name, “No-Tails”.  Shut up George! Laugh again and I will pop you with my good paw, got it?…. Oh he does go on you know.

Where was I, oh yes, the others. Well I was terrified because I could smell other cats and I could hear them too.  I remember thinking, were they friendly, would they beat me up again, oh no, I can’t do this.  Then out of the blue I heard this tiny little cry and I could smell a cat on the other side of the door.  Then I saw this tiny little white paw, it was so tiny it made me laugh a bit.  I could feel myself purring for the first time in ages.


#MINIthecat. I thought it would be nice for me to have a close up picture to. You can see from my picture I am quite a pretty cat with unusual markings on my face. I am a very lucky cat and i love my cat and dog family very much.

A few days later, while I was eating, the lady came into my room and she told me me that they had contacted my mum.  I would not be going back to her because she was worried about the other cats that did this to me doing it again. However, there was good news too, as long as all my blood tests, and there were going to be a lot (Feline Aids and Feline Leukaemia to start with), came back clear then I would be living here.  She also said that she knew now that my name was Mini but my nickname of No-Tails is still used.

So, yes all was well with the blood tests and I have lived here ever since.  I love my new mummy a lot.  I still get spooked really easy though and I still strike out at people and the other cats sometimes.  I don’t mean to, it just happens.  I am working on it though and mummy is helping as much as she can, she says it will just take time.

I am still learning to play, but mummy says that I have come a long way.  I am learning to use the cat towers and I have started jumping in and out of windows too.

I would say my best friend is Richard, we always cuddle up together and he makes me feel safe.

I can’t decide on a favourite toy as there are so many and I love them all but I really do love to chase things and I love to hit the balls that are lying around.

My favourite sleeping place is on the bed with mummy, Richard, George and sometimes Bono too.
I don’t really hate anything except when the others make me jump.

I am really new to all this fun cat stuff and I am doing my best.  I hope that you will like the videos that mummy has of me and I thank you for taking the time to read my story.  I hope you will come back again to see how I am getting on.Now, Charlie has just nudged me, he wants to say a few words before we all go to bed.  So I will see you later.Okay Charlie it’s all yours.

Well hello, we are all so very glad that you are still here.  I have only a few things to say and I will try to keep it short.  We all just want to say, a BIG THANK YOU for reading our stories.   It was not easy to organise them all, I can tell you!

Mummy reminded me to tell you that we are going to have some of our funny cat pictures added to the GALLERY and lots of our funny cat videos are going to be going on our YOUTUBE channel very soon.  So, if you want to you can head on over and SUBSCRIBE.  That way when we put a new video up you will be sent a notification. Also, you can share all of our stories, pictures and videos on Twitter and Facebook too.  Just use the links that are floating around.  We all have our own email addresses too, all you have to do is click on our names below and you can send us some.

If you want to see what is going to be used in our first ever FAMILY PRODUCT REVIEW click here. 

We love testing fun cat toys and lots of other interactive cat toys for you.  We hope you will love what we do.
So once again, thank you, we couldn’t do it without your support. We look forward to seeing you here again soon. Feel free to leave a message in the comment section below and we promise to get back to you.


Lots of love and MEOWS for now.>



HEY…..CHARLIE! we want to say goodbye too!
Ohhhhhhhh……OKAY! make it quick………….names ONLY!!
Arthur, Lizzy, Richard, Vicky, Annie, Mimi, George, Trouble and Mini too

TROUBLE:  Psssssttt…….shhhhhh……don’t for get you can leave us a message in the comment section below, I love getting messages and i always reply……..xox Meows
CHARLIE:  TROUBLE!!!! I told you names ONLY ! Now get out of here and get to bed!
TROUBLE:  Boring……….okay …..okay ……i going…..xoxo night all




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7 years ago

Wow, full of cats! How do you manage them with regard to their shits? Do you have a special place or comfort room for all of them?

6 years ago
Reply to  Gomer

Hey Gomer,

Thank you for stopping by. That is a really good question.

I watch a lot of Jackson Galaxy, My Cat From Hell and he is constantly telling Cat Guardians that they need more than one cat litter tray. They need at least one cat litter tray per cat. So i have 15 litter trays around the house for the 10 cats and I use an air freshener that stops the cat litter smells and is cat friendly and chemical free so they wont get sick from it.

The cats have the run of the house where so the cats and dogs live together. At night the cats have their own bedroom and it has been catified (i will be showing cat guardians how to do that in a review, once #TEAM CATS get their profile pics sorted which will be soon.

I will be adding a subscribers section to the site shortly and i hope you will return to us again. Subscribers will get access to some really cool cat and dog stuff, but its a secret for now so I cant tell you yet.

Do you have any cats or dogs? I will keep you posted of updates and thanks again for stopping by.

Woofs and Meows from the teams too.

#TEAMCats, #TEAMCatsSong
#TEAMDogs, #TEAMDogsSong

7 years ago

All of these babies are so adorable that it is hard to pick my favorite.  George is gorgeous and trouble is so cute!  What toys are your cats favorites?  My cat doesn't play with toys; she hides them beneath the recliner chair. Would you suggest a certain cat toy for her?

Thanks, I look forward to your advice.


7 years ago

Since you have so many cats, I have a question for you!! One of my cats beats up my other cat so we have to keep them separate. It is a PAIN and the bully cat seems to get most of the attention because of this. It breaks my heart! Do you have any suggestions on how I could get them to get along better. The cat that gets picked on is so sweet and never starts the fight. It is the OTHER cat that does all the bullying. Thanks!!!

6 years ago
Reply to  Rachel

Hi Rachel,
Thank you so very much for your message. This is a problem that a lot of cat guardians face. Because we have cats and dogs living together this is something that we have had to deal with. #LIZZYthecat was terrorised by #VICKYthecat and #BONOthedog and I was at my wits end with them. I have decided that i want to do a feature article on this subject for you, with #LIZZYthecat of course.
We were wondering if it would be possible for you to email,, us any video footage that you may have of the cats fighting and bullying and also a bit of history with regards there names, sex, age, characteristics etc. Also when did this start? What was happening in the home etc when it started? We will endeavour to help you try and understand what is going on.
We look forward to hearing from you soon.
Lots of love, XOXO, meows and best wishes to you and yours.
Tania and LIZZY (Lizzy decided she wanted to leave you the message with her picture.

#MUMMYourguardian and #LIZZYthecat

Tim (1B4U)
7 years ago

Great website full of great content.

6 years ago
Reply to  Tim (1B4U)

Hello Tim,

Thank you for your kind words and we hope you like our profiles and we look forward to seeing you here again soon.


7 years ago


7 years ago

Mummy Guardian; you do a FANTASTIC job!
Wow…all your charges are SO cute, and the mix of personalities is amazing and endearing.
All these wonderful furry characters under your roof, in one place and protected; oh my…I just wanna throw my arms around you and HUG YOU ALLLLL!:)


Hope that covers everyone;))

7 years ago

Nice stories and I was glad to see pictures of the cats next to their name, it helped me to identify with each on. Definitely some sad origins with some.

7 years ago

I really love the presentation of your cat team – and all the lovely photos! A nice and colorful family! I am wondering if they are all with you in your flat or if you have some green space around you where they can be free and go where they want?
I notice with my cats that everyone has their specific territory on my piece of land, and in the house, they sort of tolerate each other without a clear hierarchy (at least at the moment, it was different with previous crew members).